First meeting of the 2021/2023 Governing Body

October 8 marked the first meeting of the 2021/2023 Confindustria Marmomacchine Board of Directors, as elected by the 2021 General Assembly. Among the items on the agenda was a report on the association’s main endeavors in the previous quarter, a half-yearly report with the latest sector export data, the outcome of the 2021 edition of Marmomac and an update on the soon to commence negotiations for the national stone sector labor contract.

We remind readers that the Board of Directors, headed by President Marco DE ANGELIS, is composed of: Francesco ANTOLINI (Vice President); Davide BAUCE; Igino BOMBANA; Dorian CAMPAGNOLA; Mario CAROSELLI LEALI; Michele COMPRI; Federico FRACCAROLI (Vice President); Corradino FRANZI (Vice President); Stefano GHIRARDI (Past President); Flavio MARABELLI (Honorary President in charge of official relations); Arianni MARCHETTI; Giovanbattista MONCINI; Giambattista PEDRINI; Elena PELLEGRINI; Gianluca PELLEGRINO; Francesco PETTENON; Alessandra PUCCI; Federico RAVELLI; Carmine SCALAS; Mirko STANGHERLIN; Flavio STENICO; Valentina TROIS (Vice President).

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