About Us

The Italian MARMOMACCHINE Association – briefly, CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE – is the Italian Association of Producers and Processors of Marbles, Granites and Natural Stones in general, and of Manufacturers of Machinery, Complete Plants, Tools and Complementary Products to quarry and processing Natural Stones.

The more than 320 companies and territorial consortia belonging to CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE, located in all the major Italian production districts, guarantee the association broad representation, in Italy and worldwide, as well as a role as sole sector interlocutor with ministries, ITA-Italian Trade Agency, Confindustria, standardization boards like UNI and CEN, labor unions, universities and polytechnics, Italian and foreign federations and associations, Tradefairs in Italy and around the world. 

In addition to its own advocacy mission in favor of the national marble and techno-marble supply chain, the association has always engaged in intense technical job training in Italy and abroad, organizing, managing and creating highly specialized educational programs and technological centers in various parts of the world, with the involvement of local governments, institutions and associations.

M. De Angelis
Vice presidenti
Vice President
F. Antolini
F. Fraccaroli
C. Franzi
V. Trois
Presidente Onorario
Honorary President
F. Marabelli
Consiglio Generale
General Council
F. Antolini
D. Bauce
I. Bombana
D. Campagnola
M. Caroselli Leali
M. Compri
M. De Angelis
F. Fraccaroli
C. Franzi
S. Ghirardi
F. Marabelli
A. Marchetti
G. Moncini
G. Pedrini
E. Pellegrini
G. Pellegrino
F. Pettenon
A. Pucci
F. Ravelli
C. Scalas
M. Stangherlin
F. Stenico
V. Trois
Collegio dei probiviri
Board of Arbiters
G. Bianchini
E. Comandulli
F. Ghirardi
C. Marchetti
E. Novario
C. Zerlia
Collegio dei revisori contabili
Board of Auditors
E. Garlaschelli
G. Martini
M. Patelli
Segretario generale
Secretary general
R. Lovati