Why Sign up

The companies that join the ISN will take advantage of numerous benefits, such as:

  • Distribution of the Distinctive Sign “Members of ISN – International Stone Network CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE” during Italian and international fairs.
  • Free use of the ISN logo on all corporate communication channels of the member (website, business cards, advertisements, banners, exhibitions stand etc.).
  • All new ISN Members have the opportunity to publish a post for free on the Association’s Official Social pages (Linkedin and Facebook) to briefly tell the Company and its core business and they can access to the Social media Placement program on our Official Social pages.
  • Access to Association Meeting-Points at the international trade shows abroad as a point of aggregation and networking also open to the attendance of the ISN Members.
  • showcase space dedicated to each individual Company member of ISN in the new website of CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE, which will be active shortly, where it will be possible to provide textual and / or visual presentations of the Company and its products.
  • Membership of a big business community, online and offline, of CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE, where ISN Members and / or Italian Members will be able to reserve specific and reciprocal concessions, with the aim to facilitate the business relationship within the Association.
  • Mention of all the Companies belonging to the ISN in the specific list of ISN Members in the Marmomacchine International magazine and in the Associative Directory 2019.
  • ISN Members can access to a “Technical Desk” to refine their need to buy stone products or technologies and in general to facilitate their relationships with the Italian and international markets.
  • Priority access to Association technical-training activities during fairs and other networking opportunities (reporting of training courses, incoming activities and participation procedures to ISN Members).
  • Possibility to take advantage of agreements with our Technical Partners for easier access to the Italian and international markets.
  • Access to every networking moments during the main trade fair events at the CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE booth.
  • Free receipt of newsletters dealing with statistical topics on the trend of the Italian and world marble market, events, fairs participations at international level etc.
  • Free postal receipt of all editions of the Marmomacchine International magazine.

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