Natural Stone Anchorages: the UNI 11812 published

Recently published was UNI standard 11812-2021 on “Test methods for natural stone – Determining the resistance of single anchorage points of stone components”. The document, written by the UNI “Stone pavements and coverings” work group, defines the test methods for determining the resistance characteristics of stone panels on their single points of anchorage to other building elements in relation to the most common attachment methods and their respective mechanical components.

However – according to UNI’s announcement of its publication – the text of the standard does not include analysis of mechanical anchorage devices, generally in metal (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or others) but refers exclusively to attachment using mechanical anchorages that will receive loads and stress coming from the stone panel and transfer them to the main support structures, The test methods described include the most common types of work done on stone panels to enable them to take anchorage, their shapes and locations on the panels themselves. These test methods also refer to stresses on the stone panel coming from loads, from their own weight and from actions caused by weather or seismic events, opportunely standardized. Also foreseen are stresses from occasional shocks or impacts, in other words stresses incurred by thermal-hydrometric variations.