The Italian MARMOMACCHINE Association (CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE) does the following work for its members:


External representation and relations:

It represents member companies in meetings with Italian and foreign institutions and administrations, with sector federations and international boards, with standardization organizations, with the Italian Foreign Trade Commission (ICE), with the academic world and with other public and private organizations of interest to the sector.

In detail it:

- Works with ICE in annually defining promotional programs for the stone-working equipment and machinery sector in the ambit of the Instrumental Mechanics segment, and has stipulated a partnership agreement with ICE that includes funding and teamwork to set up most of the initiatives involved in the annual program (group fair exhibits, operator missions, advanced training courses, seminars, market surveys).

- Works with ICE in annually defining promotional programs for the marble and granite sector in the ambit of the Consumer Goods - Building segment.

- Works with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and presents initiatives set up together with ICE, such as opening Quarry Schools and Processing Schools in emerging or developing countries (China, Vietnam, Chile, Argentina, etc.).

- Keeps up relations with the mass media to circulate sector press releases.

- Presents its membership list at the site.

- Sponsors international awards, ranging from the Premio Internazionale Dedalo Minosse to the architects' competition promoted by Assoarchitetti.

- Organizes meetings and tours for delegations of foreign operators.


Representation, assistance and safeguarding member interests:

Representation for the process, the product and the market in terms of safety, for innovation, research and quality, for foreign trade; and in business administration, in regard to internationalization, Europe, trade fairs, credit and investments.

In detail it:

- Participates in studies on EC standards, specifically in the ad hoc Work Groups set up by CENtc 143 concerned with diamond tool quality, WG 11 of CENtc 151 dealing with marble machinery safety and CENtc 246 on qualifying marbles, granites and stones for paving/flooring and cladding/facing.

- Annually participates in approximately fifteen international trade fairs with special "Meeting-Point/Punto Italia" stands.

- Directly participates in symposiums and member meetings in general.

- Participates in the two Italian stone sector fairs with big stands complete with offices and meeting-rooms to receive foreign delegations, plus promotional initiatives on site.

- Works, through its own Fair Commission, to create big areas fairs in order to cut down the number of events worldwide, and to identify the most valid international ones, checking on their effectiveness and giving them ratings. In addition, through its own service company, it helps organize some of these events, acquiring exposition areas to organize group shows reserved to members and handling stand marketing as an agent for fair organizers.

- Publishes the annual Directory with CD-ROM containing a list of members and their inserts. This yearly publication is distributed free of charge in a number of trade schools in foreign countries and to ICE offices throughout the world, as well as to operators who contact the Association and visit its stands at the major fairs.

- Displays samples of stone materials at its Studies Center.

- Provides business help: information on international business agreements, export lines of credit, export insurance.

- Provides consultancy on customs laws: export codes and customs procedures.

- Provides information on machine safety.

- Provides information on quality and certification.

- Provides information on laws and regulations concerning the sector.


Organization work:

Organization and development in terms of defining quality parameters and recognition and awards for quality; financing and administration; managerial and technical training, associative promotion and education.

In detail it:

- Carries out institutional tasks, associative and promotional campaigns, associative marketing by means of the most up-to-date informatics tools and the circulation of Association literature; creates new services.

- Does treasury work, deliberates and checks contributions, handles accounting and balance-sheets, defines budgets, manages personnel and internal acquisitions and logistics, checks management and information systems.

- Sets up training and advanced training and updating courses for managers, technicians and business people, in cooperation with the International Marble Institute (IS.I.M.) of which it is a founding partner.

- Handles associative communications, publications, databanks and documentation, conventions.

- Conducts market surveys and issues technical publications.

- Annually publishes hourly fees for technicians mounting and servicing machinery and equipment for working ornamental stone.

- Stipulates member-favorable agreements with service companies: travel agencies, forwarders, etc.


Studies and research:

It monitors the market, making periodic reports, and publishes sector statistics in Italy's major financial dailies.



Marmomacchine Servizi Srl is the Italian MARMOMACCHINE Association's service company.

It does the following work:

- organizing, planning and providing promotional services to internationalize the companies operating in the stone-working sector;

- organizes trade fairs, congresses and seminars in Italy and abroad;

- organizes training or updating courses for business personnel;

- provides supports for business such as translations, interpreters, business information, market research and studies on business procedures.


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