Pietra Autentica


Pietra Autentica: a logo that's good to look at and important to defend.
But only for "authentic" producers of "authentic" stone.


Italian members


There's big news in the ambit of promoting and safeguarding natural stone products from attacks by poor ceramic or agglomerate imitations. In fact, Euroroc (the federation of European stone industries) has created a trademark for products born in the heart of quarries, a simple one but with great visual impact consisting of a blue (the color of Europe) logo showing a stylized block and slab, under which each country writes the translation of "genuine stone" in its own language. For the Italian version the words are Pietra Autentica, loudly and clearly stating the authenticity of the natural product as opposed to the falsity and artifice of manmade marbles and granites. Pietra Autentica is a collective trademark that in Italy is registered, managed and circulated by Assomarmomacchine. Taking a brief look at the history of this trademark – now shared by stone industries in all 25 European Union countries – it should be borne in mind that the idea stems from three basic aims:

TEAMING UP the whole European stone industry under a shared and clearly recognizable emblem, a single logo valid for every EU nation, an identical image for all stone producers in Italy, Spain, Germany and all the rest of the 25 states in the Union;

NOT SPECULATING on stone companies, which will have unlimited use of the European logo merely by paying a 100-euro annual registration fee, which means there are no heavy costs for the right to use the European "genuine stone" label;

DISTINGUISHING products in genuine stone from those in ceramic and agglomerate. And the decision to use the word "authentic" plays on its immediate opposition to the false, like an "authentic" work of art is distinguished from a fake, from a copy or imitation. The "genuine stone" communication campaign is a decisive one for the Italian and European stone industries, a campaign that in coming months will involve not only sector operators but also designers, architects and final consumers.


Italian members


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