Organization chart



The Italian MARMOMACCHINE Association engages in the following work for its members:


- Externalrepresentation and relations: representing member companies at meetings with Italian and foreign institutions and governments, with international sectorfederations and organizations, with standardizing boards, with the ItalianTrade Commission (ICE), with the academic world and with other public andprivate organizations involved in the techno-stone sector.


In particular it:


- Works with ICE to annually define promotion plans for the stone-working machinery sector inthe context of instrumental mechanics, for which the association has apartnership agreement with ICE foreseeing funding.

- Publishes anannual Directory with a CD-ROM listing members and including their publicity.This yearbook is provided free to a number of trade schools in foreigncountries and to ICE offices throughout the world as well as to operatorscontacting the associating and visiting its stands at the top sector shows.

- Exhibits stonesamples at its Studies Center.

- Providescommercial assistance: information on international business agreements, exportcredit lines and export insurance.

- Offersconsultancy on customs laws: codes for exporting and customs procedures.

- Providesinformation on machine safety; on quality and certification; on laws andregulations concerning the sector.




It organizes, develops and definesquality parameters and quality recognition and awards; finances andadministrates; offers managerial and job training and works to promote thesector.


In particular it:


- Fulfills institutional duties and handlesinstitutional work, associational and promotional campaigns and associationmarketing using the latest IT tools and circulating printed materials and kitsand imprinting new services.

- Acts astreasurer, setting and checking fees, doing accounting and final balances,defining budgets, managing personnel, purchases and internal logistics,overseeing management and information systems.

- Through the ISIM(International Marble Institute), of which it is founding partner, it organizeshigher education courses and training and updating seminars on the managerial,technical and entrepreneurial levels.

- Handlesassociation communication, publications, databanks, documents and conferences.

- Conducts marketsurveys and publishes technical literature.

- Annuallypublishes hourly rates for technical personnel mounting and servicing machineryand equipment for working ornamental stones.




Marmomacchine Servizi Srl is the servicescompany for the Italian Marmomacchine Association.


It does thefollowing work:

- Organizing, planning, managing and providing promotional services for the internationalization of stone-working companies.

- Organizing stonetradeshows, congresses and seminars in Italy and foreign countries.

- Organizingtraining or updating courses for business people.

- Providingsupports to business such as translations, interpreters, business information,market research and business procedure studies.


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